Ancient Feather

Ancient Feather
Ancient Feather
Rarity Rare
Description An unusual feather left by something big.

Ancient Feathers are a material item found in Azeos' Wilderness. They are used to craft the Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner. When on the ground they most commonly appear golden or yellow, contrary to the blue color of their inventory sprite.


Three Ancient Feathers on the ground - they may appear as two and are more commonly yellow



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Caveling Gardener Ancient Feather.pngAncient Feather 1.52% 1
Caveling Hunter Ancient Feather.pngAncient Feather 2.93% 1


Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Ancient Hologram Pod.pngAncient Hologram Pod Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner.pngAzeos the Sky Titan Scanner Ancient Gemstone.png5Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png5Mechanical Part Ancient Feather.png10Ancient Feather