Angler's advantage

Angler's advantage
Angler's advantage
Type Fishing
Effects Fish starts +3-15% closer to be reeled in

Angler's advantage is a skill in the fishing skill tree. The skill is in the first tier of the skill tree, and has no requirement to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will make fish starts 3% closer to be reeled in.

Skill tree[edit]

Each catch, fish or non-fish, awards one experience. Catching non-fish items avoids the reeling-in mini-game, so is faster and preferable for efficient levelling.

Each fishing skill level increases your fishing power by 1, for up to 100 at level 100.

Angler's advantage.png
Angler's advantage
Fish starts +3-15% closer to be reeled in
Fisherman's luck.png
Fisherman's luck
+4-20% chance to get a fish on the hook
Improved bait.png
Improved bait
Fish bites +5-25% faster
Studied patterns.png
Studied patterns
+2-10% dodge chance
Steady feet.png
Steady feet
+10-50% reduced impact of slippery movement
Throwing expert.png
Throwing expert
+10-50% fishing rod throw range
Well-trained aim.png
Well-trained aim
+6-30% of fishing added as range damage
Power of Omega-3!.png
Power of Omega-3!
+3-15% damage against bosses after eating fish or cooked food made out of fish