Balanced stance

Balanced stance
Balanced stance
Type Running
Effects +5-25% dodge chance after standing still for a short duration

'Balanced stance is a skill in the running skill tree. The skill is in the second tier of the skill tree, and requires Endurance runner at level 5 to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will increase dodge chance by 5% after standing still for a short duration.

Skill tree[edit]

Endurance runner.png
Endurance runner
+5-25% less food drained when running
Balanced stance.png
Balanced stance
+5-25% dodge chance after standing still for a short duration
Gotta go fast!.png
Gotta go fast!
+2-10% movement speed after running consistently for a short duration
On your toes.png
On your toes
+4-20% movement speed boost for a short duration after dodging an attack
Escape artist.png
Escape artist
Snare and stun durations reduced by +10-50%
Keeping tempo.png
Keeping tempo
+3-15% damage after consistently running for a short duration
Encumbering presence.png
Encumbering presence
Any nearby enemies movement speed is slowed down by -5-25%
Breaking barriers.png
Breaking barriers
+6-30% armor of current movement speed increase