Basic Workbench

Basic Workbench
Basic Workbench
Type Workbench
Rarity Common
Description The most basic of all workbenches.



Workbench By hand
Result Basic Workbench.pngBasic Workbench
Materials Wood.png8Wood


Crafting workbench[edit]

Basic Workbench.png Basic Workbench

Copper Pickaxe.pngCopper PickaxeWood.png4Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Copper Shovel.pngCopper ShovelWood.png4Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Copper Sword.pngCopper SwordCopper Bar.png6Copper Bar
Copper Hoe.pngCopper HoeWood.png4Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Small Lantern.pngSmall LanternCopper Bar.png4Copper Bar Slime.png5Slime
Watering Can.pngWatering CanCopper Bar.png4Copper Bar
Furnace.pngFurnaceDirt Wall.png20Dirt Wall
Cooking Pot.pngCooking PotWood.png2Wood Copper Bar.png6Copper Bar
Salvage and Repair Station.pngSalvage and Repair StationWood.png5Wood Copper Bar.png5Copper Bar
Copper Anvil.pngCopper AnvilCopper Bar.png8Copper Bar
Tin Workbench.pngTin WorkbenchWood.png10Wood Copper Bar.png6Copper Bar Tin Bar.png15Tin Bar
Wood Wall.png2Wood WallWood.png1Wood Dirt Wall.png1Dirt Wall
Wood Floor.png2Wood FloorWood.png1Wood
Wood Door.pngWood DoorWood.png4Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Wood Bridge.png2Wood BridgeWood.png1Wood
Bed.pngBedWood.png10Wood Fiber.png5Fiber