Blue Slime

Blue Slime
Blue Slime
Location The Sunken Sea
Aggressive Yes
Faction Slime
Health 1350

Blue Slime are an enemy mob found in The Sunken Sea. They respawn periodically on Ground Slippery Slime tiles.


Slimes will attempt to jump on an adversary. This includes attacking Spike Traps and Hive Spike Traps, making them effectively suicidal after one initial hit from a trap.

Because Blue Slimes apply the slippery movement debuff on hit, they may knock back players and opposed mobs, sending them skidding across any ground.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to slippery movement
  • Apply slippery movement on hit


Type Damage
Jump attack 194


Item Chance
Slippery Slime.pngSlippery Slime 97.56%
Ancient Gemstone.pngAncient Gemstone 1.63%
Slime Helm.pngSlime Helm 0.33%
Blue Slime Figurine.pngBlue Slime Figurine 0.49%
Crown Summoning Idol.pngCrown Summoning Idol 0.24%