Bomb Scarab

Bomb Scarab
Bomb Scarab
Location The Desert of Beginnings
Aggressive Yes
Faction Scarab
Health 1,950

Bomb Scarab is an enemy mob found in The Desert of Beginnings. They very rarely respawn on Desert Sand Ground that is inside the Desert biome area, only.

Groups of scarabs may also spawn together as a player ambush, burrowing out of the surrounding ground. And Ra-Akar the Sand Titan spawns these mobs as adds during their boss fight.


They are able to fly over void and water tiles. When aggro'd, they repeatedly melee dash attack through opponents. Once low on health, they hunker down and explode after a short channelling time. Their explosions can break walls and other objects in a small area.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to acid damage


Type Damage
Melee 236
Explosion ?


Item Chance
Nothing 38.17%
Scrap Parts.pngScrap Parts 23.85%
Galaxite Ore.pngGalaxite Ore 23.85%
Plume Ball.pngPlume Ball 9.54%
Scarab Wingcover.pngScarab Wingcover 1.91%
Bomb Ring.pngBomb Ring 0.95%
Bomb Scarab Mortar.pngBomb Scarab Mortar 0.95%
Bomb Scarab Figurine.pngBomb Scarab Figurine 0.76%