Location The Forgotten Ruins
Aggressive Yes
Faction Caveling
Health 510

Cavelings are an enemy found in The Forgotten Ruins. They respawn on Stone Moss.


Cavelings are speedy, with pickaxes they sometimes use to break down weak walls and rarely some base objects.


Type Damage
Melee 112


Item Chance
Nothing 14.81%
Copper Ore.pngCopper Ore 12.88%
Scrap Parts.pngScrap Parts 12.88%
Fiber.pngFiber 12.88%
Iron Ore.pngIron Ore 6.44%
Caveling Bread.pngCaveling Bread 6.44%
Ancient Gemstone.pngAncient Gemstone 6.44%
Mechanical Part.pngMechanical Part 6.44%
Crystal Skull Shard.pngCrystal Skull Shard 6.44%
Stone Moss.pngStone Moss 4.51%
Tin Pickaxe.pngTin Pickaxe 1.93%
Caveling Hood.pngCaveling Hood 1.93%
Caveling Chest.pngCaveling Chest 1.93%
Caveling Pants.pngCaveling Pants 1.93%
Cave Pouch.pngCave Pouch 0.97%
Ear Plate.pngEar Plate 0.64%
Flintlock Musket.pngFlintlock Musket 0.32%
Caveling Figurine.pngCaveling Figurine 0.19%