Caveling Assassin

Caveling Assassin
Caveling Assassin
Location The Desert of Beginnings
Aggressive Yes
Faction DesertCaveling
Health 1,950

Caveling Assassin is an enemy mob found in The Desert of Beginnings. They respawn periodically on Valley Moss.


When fighting at range they fire a rapid volley of 3 daggers in a spread pattern. They will make a series of 3 melee dash attacks when close, passing right through players. Making them tricky to hit, along with their high base move speed.


Type Damage
Melee 236
Range attack 236


Item Chance
Nothing 93.81%
Ancient Gemstone.pngAncient Gemstone 1.88%
Assassin Hood.pngAssassin Hood 0.94%
Assassin Cloak.pngAssassin Cloak 0.94%
Concealed Blade.pngConcealed Blade 0.94%
Throwing Daggers.pngThrowing Daggers 0.94%
Caveling Assassin Figurine.pngCaveling Assassin Figurine 0.56%