Caveling Gardener

Caveling Gardener
Caveling Gardener
Location Azeos' Wilderness
Aggressive Yes
Faction Nature caveling
Health 870

Caveling Gardener is an enemy mob found in Azeos' Wilderness. They respawn periodically on Lush Moss tiles.


They have a high move speed and attempt to circle an opponent at close range, ready to make a quick melee attack. If they are standing on Wilderness Grass Ground when attacking, they may spawn one of up to 5 Snare Plants, each.


Type Damage
Summon Snare Plant
Melee 152


Item Chance
Nothing 39.97%
Heart Berry Seed.pngHeart Berry Seed 6.9%
Glow Tulip Seed.pngGlow Tulip Seed 6.9%
Bomb Pepper Seed.pngBomb Pepper Seed 6.9%
Carrock Seed.pngCarrock Seed 6.9%
Puffungi Seed.pngPuffungi Seed 6.9%
Grub Kapok Seed.pngGrub Kapok Seed 6.9%
Bloat Oat Seed.pngBloat Oat Seed 6.9%
Root Seed.pngRoot Seed 4.04%
Lush Moss.pngLush Moss 4.04%
Ancient Feather.pngAncient Feather 1.21%
Farmer's Hat.pngFarmer's Hat 1.21%
Caveling Gardener Figurine.pngCaveling Gardener Figurine 0.81%
Dry Butterfly.pngDry Butterfly 0.32%
Petal Ring.pngPetal Ring 0.08%