Caveling Spearman

Caveling Spearman
Caveling Spearman
Location The Clay Caves
Aggressive Yes
Faction Caveling
Health 270

Caveling Spearman is an enemy found in The Clay Caves. They respawn on Clay Moss.



Type Damage
Melee 74


Item Chance
Nothing 23.52%
Larva Meat.pngLarva Meat 23.52%
Fiber.pngFiber 23.52%
Grub Kapok Seed.pngGrub Kapok Seed 8.82%
Heart Berry Seed.pngHeart Berry Seed 8.82%
Clay Moss.pngClay Moss 4.41%
Hunting Spear.pngHunting Spear 2.94%
Peasant Hat.pngPeasant Hat 1.47%
Peasant Chest.pngPeasant Chest 1.47%
Tin Axe.pngTin Axe 0.88%
Caveling Spearman Figurine.pngCaveling Spearman Figurine 0.32%
Grub Egg Necklace.pngGrub Egg Necklace 0.29%