Crystal Meteor Shard

Crystal Meteor Shard
Crystal Meteor Shard
Type Workbench
Rarity Rare
Description This piece is merely a fraction of an enormous ancient gemstone.


Mined from each of the 8 smaller crystals surrounding the Crystal Meteor scene in The Desert of Beginnings. This is found 1200 tiles away from The Core.

Each of the small crystal structures has 1000 mining damage reduction, so a character would need a minimum of 1001 mining damage to mine it by hand. They have 500 health that will take up to 50 maximum damage, per hit, at 1050 mining or higher. Proximity to the crystals causes constant radioactive damage to a character.

Alternatively, Drills (with an electricity source) can be used to mine the crystals.

Crystal Meteor Scene


Crafting material[edit]

Crafting is done in-hand, by selecting a stack of 8 Crystal Shard items in the hot-bar.

Crafting stationResultMaterials
Crystal Meteor Shard.pngCrystal Meteor ShardCrystal Meteor Chunk.pngCrystal Meteor ChunkCrystal Meteor Shard.png8Crystal Meteor Shard