Decorative Torch

Decorative Torch
Decorative Torch
Type Furniture
Rarity Common
Can be painted Yes
Description A safer, better-looking alternative to crude torches.
Sell value 1Ancient Coin

Decorative Torches are a craftable base building light source. They can be placed directly on the ground, or on to the front or sides of any walls. Once placed, they can be painted different colors. This does not affect the colour of the torch's ambient illumination.



Workbench Carpenter's Table.pngCarpenter's Table
Result Decorative Torch.pngDecorative Torch
Materials Wood.png1Wood Stone Wall.png1Stone Wall

Color Variations[edit]

These torches are paintable objects. Brushes from the Painter's Table can be used to give them this range of different appearances:

On the ground Decorative Torch yellow.png Decorative Torch green.png Decorative Torch red.png Decorative Torch purple.png Decorative Torch blue.png Decorative Torch brown.png Decorative Torch white.png Decorative Torch black.png
On front of wall Decorative Torches wall front.png
On left of wall Decorative Torches wall left.png