Dig Spots

A scene featuring 4 visible dig spots.

Dig Spots appear as cross marks in the ground and can be dug up using shovels or hoes. There are special dig spots that may contain static, or pre-determined items or objects in specific scenes.

The drops from these dig spots vary according to biome.


Dirt Biome, The Forgotten Ruins, and The Clay Caves[edit]

Item Chance per roll
1 roll
Heart Berry Seed.pngHeart Berry Seed 23.31%
Bomb Pepper Seed.pngBomb Pepper Seed 23.31%
Caveling Skull.pngCaveling Skull 13.99%
Leaf Fossil.pngLeaf Fossil 4.66%
Geode.pngGeode 4.66%
Old Amulet.pngOld Amulet 4.66%
Bone Creole.pngBone Creole 4.66%
Twisted Agate.pngTwisted Agate 4.66%
Triangle Trinket.pngTriangle Trinket 4.66%
Ammonite.pngAmmonite 2.33%
Broken Core Idol.pngBroken Core Idol 2.33%
Peasant Hat.pngPeasant Hat 2.33%
Peasant Chest.pngPeasant Chest 2.33%
Heart Berry Necklace.pngHeart Berry Necklace 1.4%
Oracle Card "Aura".pngOracle Card "Aura" 0.7%

Azeos' Wilderness[edit]

Item Chance per roll
1 roll
Old Spore Mask.pngOld Spore Mask 2.06%
Hard Thorn.pngHard Thorn 10.31%
Balloon Spore.pngBalloon Spore 2.06%
Golden Feather.pngGolden Feather 10.31%
Mechanical Arm.pngMechanical Arm 10.31%
Dry Butterfly.pngDry Butterfly 20.62%
Amber Chunk.pngAmber Chunk 10.31%
Petrified Coral.pngPetrified Coral 8.25%
Stone Cap.pngStone Cap 5.15%
Root Seed.pngRoot Seed 10.31%
Glow Tulip Seed.pngGlow Tulip Seed 10.31%

The Sunken Sea[edit]

Item Chance per roll
1 roll
Coral Wood.pngCoral Wood 13.89%
Octarine Ore.pngOctarine Ore 6.94%
Fish Fossil.pngFish Fossil 13.89%
Petrified Trilobite.pngPetrified Trilobite 13.89%
Rusty Fishing Hook.pngRusty Fishing Hook 13.89%
Forked Coral.pngForked Coral 13.89%
Shark Tooth.pngShark Tooth 13.89%
Gold Bar.pngGold Bar 2.78%
Fizzy Crystal.pngFizzy Crystal 2.78%
Sealed Beverage.pngSealed Beverage 2.78%
Bubble Pearl.pngBubble Pearl 1.39%
Black Bubble Pearl.pngBlack Bubble Pearl 0.69%

The Desert of Beginnings[edit]

Item Chance per roll
1 roll
Wood.pngWood 17.7%
Galaxite Ore.pngGalaxite Ore 8.85%
Early Human Skull.pngEarly Human Skull 17.7%
Blue Glass Shard.pngBlue Glass Shard 17.7%
Caveling Sandal.pngCaveling Sandal 17.7%
Crystal Spearhead.pngCrystal Spearhead 4.42%
Desert Diamond.pngDesert Diamond 4.42%
Black Desert Diamond.pngBlack Desert Diamond 0.88%
Bone Necklace.pngBone Necklace 3.54%
Bone Ring.pngBone Ring 3.54%
Oracle Card "Radiance".pngOracle Card "Radiance" 0.88%
Prehistoric Crystal Spear.pngPrehistoric Crystal Spear 2.65%

Molten Quarry[edit]

Item Chance per roll
1 roll
Charred Caveling Skull.pngCharred Caveling Skull 27.62%
Worker Handcuff.pngWorker Handcuff 27.62%
Pickaxe Head.pngPickaxe Head 27.62%
Black Necklace.pngBlack Necklace 2.76%
Flame Ring.pngFlame Ring 2.76%
Black Ring.pngBlack Ring 2.76%
Miner's Labour Suit.pngMiner's Labour Suit 2.76%
Miner's Worker Pants.pngMiner's Worker Pants 2.76%
Recall Idol.pngRecall Idol 2.76%
Galaxite Key.pngGalaxite Key 0.55%