Fractured Limbs

Fractured Limbs
Fractured Limbs
Type Material
Rarity Epic
Description Golden pieces that once seemed to be fused together to endure great pressure. Something inherently powerful must have broken them apart.

Fractured Limbs is a unique Material (1 per world) necessary for crafting the Phantom Spark.pngPhantom Spark. See full guide.




Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Glyph Parchment.pngGlyph Parchment Phantom Spark.pngPhantom Spark Channeling Gemstone.png1Channeling Gemstone Fractured Limbs.png1Fractured Limbs Energy String.png1Energy String Octarine Bar.png100Octarine Bar Ancient Gemstone.png20Ancient Gemstone