Ghorm the Devourer Scanner

Ghorm the Devourer Scanner
Ghorm the Devourer Scanner
Type Scanner
Rarity Epic
Description Scans the world for Ghorm the Devourer. Consumed on successful scan.

A Consumable item that can be activated, when held, after a short channelling period. If alive, it will mark the position of Ghorm the Devourer on the player's map, continually updating as it moves around its path. If dead, it will mark Ghorm's spawn location, which is always on a radius of 250 tiles from The Core.



Workbench Glurch Eye.pngGlurch Eye
Result Ghorm the Devourer Scanner.pngGhorm the Devourer Scanner
Materials Ancient Gemstone.png5Ancient Gemstone
Mechanical Part.png5Mechanical Part