Ground Slime

Ground Slime
Ground Slime
Type Base
Rarity Common
Description Sticky material that slows down careless adventurers. Slime blobs will start to coagulate from slime covered surfaces over time.

Ground Slime is a naturally occurring ground covering enemy spawn surface tile found in early biomes. It periodically respawns Orange Slimes and Red Slimes.

It slows players and most creatures, while they are stood on it. After being picked up with a shovel or a hoe it can be used as crafting material.




Enemy spawn[edit]

When placed on the ground, it will spawn Orange Slime and Red Slime enemies over time.

Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Distillery Table.pngDistillery Table Slime.pngSlime Ground Slime.png10Ground Slime