Heart Berry

Heart Berry
Heart Berry
Type Food
Rarity Common
Effects +9 food
+2.8 health every sec for 20 sec
Can be cooked Yes
Description A sweet, juicy berry that refreshes the body.



  • Found in various biomes



Cooking ingredient[edit]

Effects when cooked
+19 food
+25 max health for 5 min
+2.8 health every sec for 20 sec

Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Alchemist's Table.pngAlchemist's Table Healing Potion.pngHealing Potion Slime.png3Slime Heart Berry.png3Heart Berry
Distillery Table.pngDistillery Table Greater Healing Potion.pngGreater Healing Potion Poison Slime.png3Poison Slime Heart Berry.png5Heart Berry