How to enable or disable any seasonal event

This guide explains how players can force the game into any seasonal event at any time of year. The alternative is to change the system time of your machine to a date within the (original) period of the desired event, shown in this page. However, that can cause problems and unintended behaviour with other apps running on your machine.

Right click Core Keeper in your steam library and select "Properties".
In the "General" tab, enter the following text into the "LAUNCH OPTIONS" text box: "-season 0" where the number is changed according to the event you want to enable (see below). Using the name of the period also works.
Event Launch options text (caps sensitive) Main menu logo appearance
None (blocks any current event) -season 0 -season None Menu Logo.png
Easter - The Great Egg Hunt -season 1 -season Easter Menu Logo.png
Halloween - Creepy Costume Party -season 2 -season Halloween Menu logo halloween.png
Christmas (Winter) -season 3 -season Christmas Menu Logo Christmas.png