Lit Floor

Lit Floor
Lit Floor
Type Floor
Rarity Common
Can be painted Yes
Description A plain floor tile that magically lights up by itself. Can be painted and placed under almost every other floor cover.

Lit Floor is a craftable base building floor covering tile. Once placed on the ground, Lit Floor can be painted different colors, which also colors its ambient illumination.



Workbench Octarine Workbench.pngOctarine Workbench
Result Lit Floor.pngLit Floor
Materials Limestone Wall.png1Limestone Wall
Octarine Bar.png1Octarine Bar

Color Variations[edit]

These floor tiles are paintable objects. Brushes from the Painter's Table can be used to give them this range of different appearances:

Lit Floor red.png Lit Floor yellow.png Lit Floor green.png Lit Floor blue.png Lit Floor purple.png Lit Floor brown.png Lit Floor black.png Lit Floor white.png