Pickaxes are tools used for mining walls more efficiently than melee attacks. This is thanks to their substantial mining damage stats. However, bonus mining speed (e.g. with the Ancient Pickaxe) may be more useful than higher damage, against walls that take one hit, either way.

Sprite Name Mining damage Durability Acquisition
Wood Pickaxe.png Wood Pickaxe 15 200 Crafted by hand
Copper Pickaxe.png Copper Pickaxe 43 400 Crafted with Basic Workbench
Tin Pickaxe.png Tin Pickaxe 83 550 Crafted with Tin Workbench
Iron Pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe 167 800 Crafted with Iron Workbench
Scarlet Pickaxe.png Scarlet Pickaxe 282 800 Crafted with Scarlet Workbench
Ancient Pickaxe.png Ancient Pickaxe 354 800 Dropped by Azeos the Sky Titan
Octarine Pickaxe.png Octarine Pickaxe 403 800 Crafted with Octarine Workbench
Galaxite Pickaxe.png Galaxite Pickaxe 507 800 Crafted with Galaxite Workbench
Soul Seeker.png Soul Seeker 607 Unbreakable Crafted with Cipher Parchment