Type Machinery
Rarity Epic
Description Allows teleporting to other portals that have been placed out. The portal takes 20 minutes to charge up before it can be used once it has been placed.

Portals are a Base building object which allow players to freely teleport to any other charged up Portal. These can be placed on the ground anywhere in a world.

To travel this way, players interact with a Portal to bring up their Map screen, then select the icon of another Portal. There is a brief animation and sound effect, followed by the screen fading down to black and back up again at the destination. This time expense makes them inefficient for travelling very short distances.

Their high Material cost is the only factor limiting the number deployed.



Workbench Octarine Workbench.pngOctarine Workbench
Result Portal.pngPortal
Materials Copper Bar.png100Copper Bar
Iron Bar.png100Iron Bar
Octarine Bar.png100Octarine Bar
Coral plank.png200Coral plank
Mechanical Part.png20Mechanical Part
Ancient Gemstone.png30Ancient Gemstone