Quick strikes

Quick strikes
Quick strikes
Type Melee combat
Effects +2-10% melee attack speed

Quick strikes is a skill in the melee combat skill tree. The skill is in the first tier of the skill tree, and has no requirement to level up. Each point allocated to this skill will increase melee attack speed by 2%.

Skill tree[edit]

Quick strikes.png
Quick strikes
+2-10% melee attack speed
Building anger.png
Building anger
Gain 2% melee damage every time an enemy is hit, stacks up to 2-10 times
Fast and furious.png
Fast and furious
+2-10% chance on melee hit to increase melee attack speed by 50% for a short duration
Heavy swings.png
Heavy swings
+3-15% chance to knockback
Stubborn fighter.png
Stubborn fighter
Gain +3-15% melee damage when hitting the same target successively
Taking a step back.png
Taking a step back
+4-20% chance on melee hit to increase range damage by 15%
Seething blade.png
Seething blade
10% chance on melee hit to restore +1-5% health
Strength of the Ancients.png
Strength of the Ancients
+4-20% damage against bosses