Red Slime

Red Slime
Red Slime
Location Dirt Biome
The Clay Caves
Aggressive Yes
Faction Slime
Health 150
Seasonal variants Carrot Slime.png Carrot Slime

Red Slime are an enemy mob found in the Dirt Biome. They respawn periodically on Ground Slime.


They are always aggressive, unlike the Orange Slime they spawn with. Slimes all attempt to jump on an adversary. This includes attacking Spike Traps and Hive Spike Traps, making slimes effectively suicidal after one initial hit from a trap.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to acid damage


Type Damage
Jump attack 39


Item Chance
Slime.pngSlime 72.33%
Heart Berry Seed.pngHeart Berry Seed 12.66%
Bomb Pepper Seed.pngBomb Pepper Seed 12.66%
Ancient Gemstone.pngAncient Gemstone 1.81%
Red Slime Figurine.pngRed Slime Figurine 0.54%
Crown Summoning Idol.pngCrown Summoning Idol 0.23%

Seasonal event drops[edit]

In addition to the regular drops, above, this mob has the chance to drop these seasonal event items.

The Great Egg Hunt[edit]

Appearance Item Chance
Red Slime.png Brown Easter Egg.pngBrown Easter Egg 5%

Christmas Seasonal Event[edit]

Appearance Item Chance
Carrot Slime
Snowball.pngSnowball 10%
Cookies & Milk.pngCookies & Milk 20%
Snowman Hat.pngSnowman Hat 2%
Carrot Slime Figurine.pngCarrot Slime Figurine 1%