Scarlet Workbench

Scarlet Workbench
Scarlet Workbench
Type Workbench
Rarity Uncommon
Description Greater workbench to be prepared for the outer cave systems.



Workbench Iron Workbench.pngIron Workbench
Result Scarlet Workbench.pngScarlet Workbench
Materials Tin Bar.png10Tin Bar
Iron Bar.png15Iron Bar
Scarlet Bar.png25Scarlet Bar


Crafting workbench[edit]

Scarlet Workbench.png Scarlet Workbench

Scarlet Pickaxe.pngScarlet PickaxeTin Bar.png4Tin Bar Scarlet Bar.png6Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Shovel.pngScarlet ShovelScarlet Bar.png6Scarlet Bar Iron Bar.png2Iron Bar
Scarlet Hoe.pngScarlet HoeScarlet Bar.png6Scarlet Bar Tin Bar.png2Tin Bar
Scarlet Fishing Rod.pngScarlet Fishing RodWood.png5Wood Scarlet Bar.png7Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Shell Backpack.pngScarlet Shell BackpackFiber.png15Fiber Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Orb Lantern.pngOrb LanternScarlet Bar.png8Scarlet Bar Slime.png5Slime
Scarlet Anvil.pngScarlet AnvilScarlet Bar.png15Scarlet Bar
Automation Table.pngAutomation TableMechanical Part.png5Mechanical Part Iron Bar.png8Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png8Scarlet Bar
Distillery Table.pngDistillery TablePlank.png25Plank Poison Slime.png8Poison Slime Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Key Casting Table.pngKey Casting TablePlank.png20Plank Iron Bar.png10Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Boat Workbench.pngBoat WorkbenchPlank.png50Plank Scarlet Bar.png15Scarlet Bar
Octarine Workbench.pngOctarine WorkbenchCoral plank.png50Coral plank Scarlet Bar.png25Scarlet Bar Octarine Bar.png40Octarine Bar
Scarlet Wall.png2Scarlet WallIron Bar.png1Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Floor.png2Scarlet FloorScarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Bridge.png2Scarlet BridgeScarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Fence.png2Scarlet FenceScarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Fence Gate.pngScarlet Fence GateIron Bar.png1Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Door.pngScarlet DoorIron Bar.png2Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png2Scarlet Bar