Seasonal Merchant

Seasonal Merchant
Seasonal Merchant.png Seasonal Merchant Valentines.png Christmas Seasonal Merchant.png
Aggressive No
Faction Merchant
Health 100,000
Prespawned No
Summon Seasonal Calendar.pngSeasonal Calendar

The Seasonal Merchant NPC is summoned immediately to a suitable room when placing aSeasonal Calendar.pngSeasonal Calendar on the wall. Crafted at the Carpenter's Table.

Out of season, they wear a purple suit with top hat and cough instead. During the Valentine Seasonal Event their suit and top hat is pink, with a bunch of pink heart balloons and the blow kisses. During the Christmas Seasonal Event they have a Santa-like appearance, carrying a big sack and saying "Ho-ho-ho!".

Valentine Shop[edit]

During the Valentine Seasonal Event, Love Letter.pngLove Letter are found scattered on the ground. They can be exchanged at any time of year for:

Sprite Name Price Notes
Valentine Crafting Table Valentine Crafting Table Love Letter.png10Love Letter Can be used to craft various Valentine furnitures.
Valentine's Chest Valentine's Chest Love Letter.png5Love Letter A storage with 18 slots.
Valentine's Gift Valentine's Gift Love Letter.png1Love Letter Can be opened to receive a random item. See the drop rates below.

Christmas Shop[edit]

They sell the below items in exchange for Cookies & Milk.pngCookies & Milk, which are dropped by the enemies with Christmas Seasonal Event skins.

Sprite Name Price Notes
Festive Workbench Festive Workbench Cookies & Milk.png5Cookies & Milk Itc an be used to craft various Christmas decoration and fireworks
Gingerbread House Chest Gingerbread House Chest Cookies & Milk.png5Cookies & Milk A storage with 18 slots
Little Helperling Little Helperling Cookies & Milk.png10Cookies & Milk An NPC that will give you present by feeding them cooked food:

These presents can be opened to obtain a random item.

Anniversary Shop[edit]

Sprite Name Price
Anniversary Cake Anniversary Cake Glow Tulip.png20Glow Tulip Slime.png20Slime
Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You Fiber.png5Fiber
Green Party Hat Green Party Hat Fiber.png5Fiber
Red Party Hat Red Party Hat Fiber.png5Fiber
Blue Party Hat Blue Party Hat Fiber.png5Fiber
Purple Party Hat Purple Party Hat Fiber.png5Fiber