Valentine's Gift

Valentine's Gift
Valentine's Gift
Rarity Uncommon
Description This rose and silver-colored gift is packed with a variety of different charming items.
Item Chance
Rose Petal Flooring.png1-2Rose Petal Flooring 20.2%
Pink Rose Bouquet.pngPink Rose Bouquet 14.14%
White Rose Bouquet.pngWhite Rose Bouquet 14.14%
Rose Water.pngRose Water 10.1%
Box of Chocolates.pngBox of Chocolates 10.1%
Cupid Bow.pngCupid Bow 3.03%
Valentine Necklace.pngValentine Necklace 4.04%
Valentine Ring.pngValentine Ring 4.04%
Distilled Love.pngDistilled Love 7.07%
Cupid Tunic.pngCupid Tunic 4.04%
Enchanted Rose.pngEnchanted Rose 4.04%
Golden Rose Bouquet.pngGolden Rose Bouquet 3.03%
Heart of Gold.pngHeart of Gold 2.02%



Merchant Price Sell requirement
Seasonal Merchant Love Letter.png1Love Letter None