Valentine Seasonal Event

Event template icon.png This article contains content from a time limited event: Valentine Seasonal Event
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During the event, players can collect Love Letter.pngLove Letter scattered on the ground. They can be exchanged with Seasonal Merchant:

Sprite Name Price Notes
Valentine Crafting Table Valentine Crafting Table Love Letter.png10Love Letter Can be used to craft various Valentine furnitures.
Valentine's Chest Valentine's Chest Love Letter.png5Love Letter A storage with 18 slots.
Valentine's Gift Valentine's Gift Love Letter.png1Love Letter Can be opened to receive a random item. See the drop rates below.

Valentine Crafting Table[edit]

Crafting stationResultMaterials
Valentine Crafting Table.pngValentine Crafting TableValentine's Candles.pngValentine's CandlesTorch.png1Torch Slime.png1Slime
Valentine Crafting Table.pngValentine Crafting TableWall Hearts.pngWall HeartsFiber.png2Fiber Heart Berry.png1Heart Berry
Valentine Crafting Table.pngValentine Crafting TableHeart Painting.pngHeart PaintingWood.png5Wood Coral Wood.png1Coral Wood Fiber.png2Fiber
Valentine Crafting Table.pngValentine Crafting TableHeart-shaped Rug.pngHeart-shaped RugFiber.png10Fiber Rug.png1Rug Heart Berry.png1Heart Berry
Valentine Crafting Table.pngValentine Crafting TableCaveling Brute Plushie.pngCaveling Brute PlushieCaveling Brute Figurine.png1Caveling Brute Figurine Fiber.png10Fiber

Valentine's Gift[edit]

Valentine's Gift.pngValentine's Gift can be opened to receive a random item, with the following drop rates:

Item Chance
Rose Petal Flooring.png1-2Rose Petal Flooring 20.2%
Pink Rose Bouquet.pngPink Rose Bouquet 14.14%
White Rose Bouquet.pngWhite Rose Bouquet 14.14%
Rose Water.pngRose Water 10.1%
Box of Chocolates.pngBox of Chocolates 10.1%
Cupid Bow.pngCupid Bow 3.03%
Valentine Necklace.pngValentine Necklace 4.04%
Valentine Ring.pngValentine Ring 4.04%
Distilled Love.pngDistilled Love 7.07%
Cupid Tunic.pngCupid Tunic 4.04%
Enchanted Rose.pngEnchanted Rose 4.04%
Golden Rose Bouquet.pngGolden Rose Bouquet 3.03%
Heart of Gold.pngHeart of Gold 2.02%