Version 0.4.5-e6bd

Hotfix Patch - 0.4.5[edit]

  • A warning will now be sent to players when the world hasn't been saved for 10 minutes.
  • Improved robustness with Steam Cloud saves.
  • Fixed a bug where paintings would break whenever an enemy hit anything nearby the painting.
  • Fixed a bug where Spike Traps would damage objects hanging on walls.
  • Objects hanging on walls no longer block the player from digging beneath them.
  • Fixed a crash that happens when trying to place an object on a wall when there is already an object on the wall when using a controller.
  • Fixed it so that all colour variations of the Rugs appear on the map. Note that, in order for this to update on the map, players must revisit their Rugs in the world.
  • Fixed it so that most Caveling creatures only respawn from their corresponding Caveling Moss. Previously, some Cavelings still respawned in their corresponding biomes, which was intended to be removed, as the Moss is now the only intended way for respawns for most Cavelings. This affects the regular Caveling, the Caveling Shaman, the Caveling Brute, the Caveling Farmer, and the Caveling Hunter.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when interacting with a destroyed crafting building.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak.