Wood Table

Wood Table
Wood Table
Type Furniture
Rarity Common
Can be painted Yes
Description A simple, workable table made from wood. A true hobbyist might turn this into something more beautiful.

Wood Table is a craftable base building display object. It is 2 by 2 tiles in size, once placed on the ground. Then a player can interact with it to insert up to 4 single items into it from their inventory. These are displayed on top of the table. Its appearance and color can be changed with paint.



Workbench Carpenter's Table.pngCarpenter's Table
Result Wood Table.pngWood Table
Materials Wood.png12Wood

Color Variations[edit]

This is a paintable object. Brushes from the Painter's Table can be used to give it this range of different appearances:

Wood Table red.png Wood Table yellow.png Wood Table green.png Wood Table blue.png Wood Table purple.png Wood Table brown.png Wood Table black.png Wood Table white.png