Paws & Claws update

Paws & Claws update is the third major update of the game since it launched in Early Access. It was released in May 10, 2023, 9 AM UTC. The game was updated to version You can read the full patch notes here.

The update adds a new sub-biome, along with new features such as creative mode, pets, cattles, weapon secondary usage, and more.

This page lists all major addition, which may not be exhaustive, and will not be updated retroactively if these content were to be updated in the future.

Major changes and features[edit]

Full patch notes: Version
  • Added a creative mode as a new mode for worlds, which allow players to spawn any item they want to build the world
  • Added Meadow biome, which spawn in Dirt biome and Azeos' Wilderness
  • Added pets to provide companionship and help the player in combat
  • Added cattles, a new type creatures that can produce resources when fed
  • Using the shield right before being hit by an enemy will now parry the attack, blocking all damage and stunning regular enemies
  • Several weapons now have a secondary use that functions like a charge attack
  • Added a new type of tool, sledge hammers, that can be used to break down walls like pickaxe, but with wider ranger
  • Added a bucket to transfer water
  • Pit objects like stalagmite and jellyfish can now be picked up with shovel and placed elsewhere
  • Added a new difficulty mode, casual mode, where monsters have less health and deal less damage
  • Added new paints and glass material
  • Many crafting recipes and buildings have been changed or switched around
  • Lanterns are no longer considered an offhand but have their own slot in the character equipment


These adorable creatures can be obtained by finding a Pet Egg in the world and placing it in an Egg Incubator.pngEgg Incubator to hatch into a Cracked Egg. Once hatched, the Pet can be added to the new Pet Slot in the character window, spawning beside the player.

As they gain combat experience, Pets will level up, making them stronger and unlocking talents that allow the player to customise the Pet's combat capabilities. Each Pet has nine randomised talents as well as several different skins, making every Pet unique.

Three different types of Pet Candy of different rarities can be found throughout the world, typically in chests, destructible crates and as drops from bosses. Feed Pet Candy to a Pet to boost its experience.

Name Type Damage
(Max Lv)
Passives Egg acquisition
Subterrier Melee 519-633 +10% chance to stun targets on melee hit
+10% critical hit chance
Various digging spots
Embertail Range 451-551 +2 glow
+16 burn damage applied on hit
Slime Merchant
Fanhare Range 451-551 +12% chance to apply poison on hit, reduces enemy healing received by 75%
+1 target(s) pierced by projectiles
Large destructible plants in Azeos' Wilderness
Owlux Buff - Buffs owner with:
+7.6% movement speed
+6.5% damage
Wooden and ancient crates
Jr. Orange Slime Melee 519-633 Slows down targets movement speed by -23.5% for 4 sec
+15% damage against bosses
Glurch the Abominous Mass
Jr. Purple Slime Melee 519-633 +12% chance to apply poison on hit, reduces enemy healing received by 75%
+15% damage against bosses
Ivy the Poisonous Mass
Jr. Blue Slime Melee 519-633 +13% chance on hit to apply slippery movement
+15% damage against bosses
Morpha the Aquatic Mass
Jr. Lava Slime Melee 519-633 +2 glow
+15% damage against bosses
Igneous the Molten Mass

Weapon secondary usage[edit]

Several weapons now have a secondary function that can be charged by holding the right mouse button or left trigger. While charging, your character will move slower.

Weapons Secondary use Effects
Tin Axe.pngTin Axe
Battle Axe.pngBattle Axe
Octarine Axe.pngOctarine Axe
Anchor Axe.pngAnchor Axe
Lava Battle Axe.pngLava Battle Axe
Wide Slash Increases the hit area and damage
Hunting Spear.pngHunting Spear
Prehistoric Crystal Spear.pngPrehistoric Crystal Spear
Charged Thrust Increases hit reach and damage and launches the player forward
Blowpipe.pngBlowpipe Piercing Shot Pierces targets
Wood Bow.pngWood Bow Strong Shot Deals more damage
Iron Bow.pngIron Bow
Octarine Bow.pngOctarine Bow
Scholar's Staff.pngScholar's Staff
Phantom Spark.pngPhantom Spark
Strong Multishot Shoots several projectiles
Fireball Staff.pngFireball Staff Explosive Projectile Creates an explosion on impact



Pet items[edit]



Pit objects[edit]