Morpha the Aquatic Mass

Morpha the Aquatic Mass
Morpha the Aquatic Mass
Location The Sunken Sea
Scanner Morpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner.pngMorpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner
Aggressive Yes
Faction Slime
Health 84,551
Pre-spawned Yes
Summon item Giant Slime Summoning Idol.pngGiant Slime Summoning Idol

Morpha the Aquatic Mass is a boss enemy. It is an optional side boss that is not required to be defeated to advance the story.


Morpha spawns in The Sunken Sea. It spawns approximately 1400 tiles away from the core at a random angle, or 2.97 times longer radius than the great wall. When you get close, your screen will shake periodically. Its lair is a big open space covered with ground slippery slimes. These ground slimes turn your movement slippery, making your character harder to control.

To respawn Morpha after it has been killed, place Giant Slime Summoning Idol.pngGiant Slime Summoning Idol on its rune circle. The idol can be purchased from the Caveling Merchant for 500Ancient Coin. The merchant will restock their items after some time has passed.


Morpha attacks by jumping on top of the player. Just before jumping it will flash white, giving you ample time to react. It can also shoot bubbles in random directions. These bubbles travel to a certain distance before stopping, and will disappear after a while. At 30% health it will enrage, increasing its speed and frequency of attacks.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to slippery movement
  • Chance on hit to apply slippery movement


Type Damage
Jump attack 300
Bubble 194


Item Chance per roll Chance for 1 or more
Morpha's Chest.pngMorpha's Chest
1 roll
Morpha's Ring.pngMorpha's Ring 16.67%
Coral Ring.pngCoral Ring 16.67%
Slime Helm.pngSlime Helm 16.67%
Slime Armor.pngSlime Armor 16.67%
Slippery Slime Sword.pngSlippery Slime Sword 16.67%
Morpha's Bubble Bag.pngMorpha's Bubble Bag 16.67%
3-5 rolls
Slippery Slime.png8-10Slippery Slime 54.26% 95.62%
Octarine Ore.png10-15Octarine Ore 10.85% 36.84%
Gold Ore.png5-7Gold Ore 5.43% 20%
Ancient Gemstone.png2-3Ancient Gemstone 8.14% 28.79%
Mechanical Part.png2-4Mechanical Part 8.14% 28.79%
Morpha's Ring.pngMorpha's Ring 2.17% 8.4%
Coral Ring.pngCoral Ring 2.17% 8.4%
Slime Helm.pngSlime Helm 2.17% 8.4%
Slime Armor.pngSlime Armor 2.17% 8.4%
Slippery Slime Sword.pngSlippery Slime Sword 2.17% 8.4%
Morpha's Bubble Bag.pngMorpha's Bubble Bag 2.17% 8.4%
Morpha Figurine.pngMorpha Figurine 0.16% 0.65%



  • Equipment: Reinforced octarine equipment or higher
  • Off-hand: Shield or feather

You should be familiar to its jump attack, as it's shared by all slime bosses, mitigate it by shielding or dashing away. With enough defensive boost, you can melee and tank all of its attack by shielding. Otherwise, you can attack with a range weapon while running around, avoiding the bubbles as best as you can.