Slime Helm

Slime Helm
Slime Helm
Type Armor
Slot Helm
Rarity Rare
Max health 29
Armor 16
Effects +8% damage
Set Effects 2 set: Immune to slippery movement
3 set: Melee attackers become slippery when attacking you
Set Items Slime Helm.pngSlime Helm
Slime Armor.pngSlime Armor
Morpha's Ring.pngMorpha's Ring
Description A gooey, constantly dripping helm that covers half of your face.



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Blue Slime Slime Helm.pngSlime Helm 0.33% 1
Morpha the Aquatic Mass Slime Helm.pngSlime Helm 2.17% 4-6