King Slime Crown

King Slime Crown
King Slime Crown
Type Armor
Slot Head
Rarity Epic
Max health 23
Armor 11
Effects +3 glow
+3% critical hit chance
Set Effects 2 set: You are the king of slimes
Set Items King Slime Crown.pngKing Slime Crown
Royal Gel.pngRoyal Gel
Description A rare headpiece that crowns you as king of all slimes. You feel very royal wearing it.

King Slime Crown is a guaranteed drop when defeating King Slime, alongside Royal Gel. When both are equipped simultaneously, a player becomes allied with Enemies and Bosses in both the "Slime" and "Sea Creatures" factions. This makes it impossible for the player to directly hurt them, or vice versa.



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
King Slime King Slime Crown.pngKing Slime Crown 100% 1


The set bonus, glow and critical hit chance effects only take effect when this item is equipped in a players Helm Slot. When placed into a Dresser slot, the Crown may appear on a character, but its effects will not be active. Conversely, the effects will still work when equipped but hidden using the Dresser's functionality.