Eostre Necklace

Event template icon.png This article contains content from a time limited event: The Great Egg Hunt
Eostre Necklace
Eostre Necklace
Type Accessory
Slot Necklace
Rarity Rare
Effects +10.3% extra harvest chance
+4.9% movement speed
Set Effects 3 set: +7% melee and range attack speed
Set Items Radical Rabbit Ears.pngRadical Rabbit Ears
Eostre Necklace.pngEostre Necklace
Ostara Ring.pngOstara Ring
Description A curved twig holding a golden egg at its end. It is a sign of renewal and fertility.



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Awakened Azeos Eostre Necklace.pngEostre Necklace 100% 1