Poisonous Sickle

Poisonous Sickle
Poisonous Sickle
Type Weapon
Rarity Epic
Melee damage 175-213
Attack speed 2.5 per sec
Effects +18% critical hit damage
+28% chance to apply poison on hit, reduces enemy healing received by 75%
Durability 500
Description Farming tool that turned into a weapon when a great threat had to be slain.

The Poisonous Sickle is an epic melee weapon. It gives bonus critical hit chance and a can apply the poison debuff to targets hit, reducing their healing effects.


This weapon is available in Azeos' Wilderness.



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Ivy the Poisonous Mass Poisonous Sickle.pngPoisonous Sickle 2.12% 4-6