Octarine Breastplate

Octarine Breastplate
Octarine Breastplate
Type Armor
Slot Chest
Rarity Rare
Max health 37
Armor 22
Effects +6% melee attack speed
Set Effects 3 set: Attack speed is increased by 0.2% for every percentage of missing health
Set Items Octarine Helm.pngOctarine Helm
Octarine Breastplate.pngOctarine Breastplate
Octarine Pants.pngOctarine Pants
Description This mysterious breastplate stimulates the muscles to swing your weapon much faster.



Workbench Octarine Anvil.pngOctarine Anvil
Result Octarine Breastplate.pngOctarine Breastplate
Materials Octarine Bar.png30Octarine Bar
Scarlet Bar.png15Scarlet Bar
Gold Bar.png7Gold Bar