Scarlet Helm

Scarlet Helm
Scarlet Helm
Type Armor
Slot Helm
Rarity Rare
Max health 25
Armor 12
Effects +2% critical hit chance
Set Effects 3 set: Killing an enemy increases critical hit chance by 3%, stacks up to 5 times
Set Items Scarlet Helm.pngScarlet Helm
Scarlet Breastplate.pngScarlet Breastplate
Scarlet Pants.pngScarlet Pants
Description Menacing-looking horned helm, fits perfectly with the rest of the set.



Workbench Scarlet Anvil.pngScarlet Anvil
Result Scarlet Helm.pngScarlet Helm
Materials Scarlet Bar.png13Scarlet Bar
Iron Bar.png2Iron Bar