Miner's Worker Pants

Miner's Worker Pants
Miner's Worker Pants
Type Armor
Slot Pants
Rarity Rare
Max health 49
Effects +78 mining damage
+3.8% mining speed
Set Effects 3 set: +16% movement speed boost for a short duration after mining a wall
5 set: +16% of mining damage added as melee damage
Set Items Miner's Protective Helm.pngMiner's Protective Helm
Miner's Labour Suit.pngMiner's Labour Suit
Miner's Worker Pants.pngMiner's Worker Pants
Black Necklace.pngBlack Necklace
Black Ring.pngBlack Ring
Description Well-fitting pants that make traversing the underground much more convenient. Comes with squeaky rubber boots.

Miner's Worker Pants is an armor.



  • Random loot from unlocking Galaxite Chest
  • Loot: LavaDungeonChest
  • Loot: DiggingSpotLava