Galaxite Torso

Galaxite Torso
Galaxite Torso
Type Armor
Slot Chest
Rarity Rare
Max health 42
Armor 26
Effects +19% critical hit damage
Set Effects 3 set: +12.7% damage while at max health
Set Items Galaxite Helm.pngGalaxite Helm
Galaxite Torso.pngGalaxite Torso
Galaxite Pants.pngGalaxite Pants
Description A futuristic protection for the upper body. Its intimidating yet elegant design is a true marvel to look at.

Galaxite Torso is an armor.



Crafting stationGalaxite Anvil.pngGalaxite Anvil
ResultGalaxite Torso.pngGalaxite Torso
MaterialsGalaxite Bar.png38Galaxite Bar
Octarine Bar.png22Octarine Bar