Black Necklace

Black Necklace
Black Necklace
Type Accessory
Slot Necklace
Rarity Uncommon
Effects +62 mining damage
+3.7% mining speed
Set Effects 3 set: +16% movement speed boost for a short duration after mining a wall
5 set: +16% of mining damage added as melee damage
Set Items Miner's Protective Helm.pngMiner's Protective Helm
Miner's Labour Suit.pngMiner's Labour Suit
Miner's Worker Pants.pngMiner's Worker Pants
Black Necklace.pngBlack Necklace
Black Ring.pngBlack Ring
Description A necklace made from pitch-black metal that leaves dark smudges on your neck.

Black Necklace is an accessory.



  • Loot: LargeLavaWoodenDestructible
  • Loot: LavaDungeonChest
  • Loot: DiggingSpotLava