Kelp Mantle

Kelp Mantle
Kelp Mantle
Type Armor
Slot Chest
Rarity Rare
Max health 32
Armor 16
Effects Fish starts +7% closer to be reeled in
Set Effects 3 set: +24% of fishing added as range damage
5 set: +29% chance to get double fish when catching a fish
Set Items Diving Helm.pngDiving Helm
Kelp Mantle.pngKelp Mantle
Scuba Fins.pngScuba Fins
Neptune Necklace.pngNeptune Necklace
Goldfish Ring.pngGoldfish Ring
Description An upper body armor made from long kelp strands. Now you feel like a real creature of the sea.



  • Loot: MoldFishingLoot