Soul Seeker

Soul Seeker
Soul Seeker
Type Tool
Rarity Legendary
Melee damage 117-143
Effects +607 mining damage
+9.3% mining speed
+3 glow
+1.5% chance to gain an ore that is common in the currently mined wall when destroying the wall
Durability Unbreakable
Description A successor prototype to the Ancient Mining Pick that had been left unfinished before. In the fires of the Ancient Forge it was now finally completed.

Soul Seeker is a tool to mine walls.



Note: Can only be crafted near the Ancient Forge

Crafting stationCipher Parchment.pngCipher Parchment
ResultSoul Seeker.pngSoul Seeker
MaterialsAncient Pickaxe.png1Ancient Pickaxe
Gold Bar.png400Gold Bar
Scarlet Bar.png800Scarlet Bar
Octarine Bar.png800Octarine Bar
Galaxite Bar.png800Galaxite Bar
Ancient Gemstone.png100Ancient Gemstone


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