Expert Lure

Expert Lure
Expert Lure
Type Accessory
Slot Off-hand
Rarity Epic
Description This lure consists of multiple edible and magical components, attracting the one big catch that lingers in deep waters. Is consumed on successful use.

Expert Lure can be used to summon Omoroth by equipping it in the off-hand slot when using any fishing rod in one of the whirl pools of the boss's spawn location.



Workbench Ancient Hologram Pod.pngAncient Hologram Pod
Result Expert Lure.pngExpert Lure
Materials Purple Bait.png1Purple Bait
Spicy Bait.png30Spicy Bait
Sweet Bait.png30Sweet Bait
Glowing Bait.png30Glowing Bait
Octarine Bar.png30Octarine Bar
Ancient Gemstone.png10Ancient Gemstone