Scarab Harness

Scarab Harness
Scarab Harness
Type Armor
Slot Chest
Rarity Epic
Max health 52
Armor 28
Effects +31 thorns damage
Set Effects 3 set: Your thorns damage is added to your melee and range damage
Set Items Ra-Akar's Necklace.pngRa-Akar's Necklace
Scarab Visor.pngScarab Visor
Scarab Harness.pngScarab Harness
Scarab Legs.pngScarab Legs
Description A masterfully crafted upper body armor to endure the dangers of the desert.

Scarab Harness is an armor.



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Ra-Akar the Sand Titan Scarab Harness.pngScarab Harness 1.2% 5-7