Royal Gel

Royal Gel
Royal Gel
Type Accessory
Slot Off-hand
Rarity Epic
Effects Any nearby enemies movement speed is slowed down by -15.3%
Set Effects 2 set: You are the king of slimes
Set Items King Slime Crown.pngKing Slime Crown
Royal Gel.pngRoyal Gel
Description A blob of slime with a tiny crown in its center. With the right headpiece you can reign over all slimes.

Royal Gel is a guaranteed drop when defeating King Slime, alongside King Slime Crown. When both are equipped simultaneously, a player becomes allied with Enemies and Bosses in both the "Slime" and "Sea Creatures" factions. This makes it impossible for the player to directly hurt them, or vice versa.



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
King Slime Royal Gel.pngRoyal Gel 100% 1