Type Tool
Rarity Common
Speed 100%
Description Allows travelling over water.

Boat is a boat item that allows you to travel over water. Boat speed is separate from your running speed and is only affected by boat speed boost, and not movement speed boost. While on a boat, you are unable to use certain off-hand item functionality such as shielding or dashing.

To use a boat, place it on a water surface, and then interact with it. Interact with a level ground to disembark. If you die while on a boat, your boat and items will be left where you were, and you'll need to use another boat to retrieve them.



Workbench Boat Workbench.pngBoat Workbench
Result Boat.pngBoat
Materials Plank.png80Plank
Scarlet Bar.png50Scarlet Bar
Mechanical Part.png20Mechanical Part