Godsent King Breast Armor

Godsent King Breast Armor
Godsent King Breast Armor
Type Armor
Slot Chest
Rarity Epic
Max health 50
Armor 27
Effects +9.6% damage
+6% additional chance to trigger Azeos' soul power
Set Effects 3 set: +171% longer dash duration
Set Items Godsent King Mask.pngGodsent King Mask
Godsent King Breast Armor.pngGodsent King Breast Armor
Godsent King Pants Armor.pngGodsent King Pants Armor
Description A unique, royal piece of armor resembling the heart of the state. Golden wings were added to inherit the grace of Azeos. Before it could be used, the kingdom crumbled to dust from the inside.

Godsent King Breast Armor is an armor.


Found in a locked chest in Titan Temple Scene in The Desert of Beginnings. Requires Azeos Feather Fan to open.


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