Octarine Helm

Octarine Helm
Octarine Helm
Type Armor
Slot Helm
Rarity Rare
Max health 29
Armor 15
Effects +6.6% mining speed
Set Effects 3 set: Attack speed is increased by 0.2% for every percentage of missing health
Set Items Octarine Helm.pngOctarine Helm
Octarine Breastplate.pngOctarine Breastplate
Octarine Pants.pngOctarine Pants
Description A strange headgear with no visor. For some reason you can still see clearly when putting it on.



Workbench Octarine Anvil.pngOctarine Anvil
Result Octarine Helm.pngOctarine Helm
Materials Octarine Bar.png25Octarine Bar
Scarlet Bar.png13Scarlet Bar
Gold Bar.png5Gold Bar