Nomad Necklace

Nomad Necklace
Nomad Necklace
Type Accessory
Slot Necklace
Rarity Rare
Effects +40 max health
+28% critical hit damage
Set Effects 2 set: +13% less food drained when running
Set Items Nomad Necklace.pngNomad Necklace
Nomad Ring.pngNomad Ring
Description Made from ragged cloth and metal badges this witness of the desert gives you a keen advantage on attacks.

Nomad Necklace is an accessory.



  • Random loot from unlocking Galaxite Chest
  • Loot: DesertTempleDestructible
  • Loot: LargeDesertTempleDestructible
  • Loot: DesertDungeonChest
  • Loot: LavaWoodenDestructible