Omoroth's Helm

Omoroth's Helm
Omoroth's Helm
Type Armor
Slot Helm
Rarity Epic
Max health 34
Armor 17
Effects +5.5% damage
+1.7% melee and range attack speed
Set Effects 3 set: +23.1% armor while adjacent to water
Set Items Omoroth's Helm.pngOmoroth's Helm
Omoroth's Chestplate.pngOmoroth's Chestplate
Omoroth's Leg Armor.pngOmoroth's Leg Armor
Description An iron-cast helm with a scary grimace and potruding tentacles.



Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Omoroth the Sea Titan Omoroth's Helm.pngOmoroth's Helm 3.19% 5-7